Commercial Freezer Repair

Proper maintenance on your commercial freezer is vital to its health. When freezers stop working, your kitchen can take heavy loss from food spoilage and loss of customers. That's why you need professionals with years of experience in repairs to be your first call when your commercial freezer is having problems.

By FDA standards, your freezers should reach between 0 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal food storage and preservation. If your commercial freezer doesn't maintain this requirement, now is the time to call. We service all types of commercial freezers — from walk-ins to reach-ins and everything else used to freeze your food.

Why call us?

Contact us first for swift local service. We work on your time since we know unpredictable issues can happen at any time. This ensures your freezers — and by extension your company — remains functional. We arrive with our tools, ready to work on the job immediately. And our cleanup afterwards will leave your freezer as if nothing ever happened.

When a freezer stops working, your first move should be to contact a commercial freezer professional to determine whether repairing or replacing the appliance is best. Factors to consider include: age of unit, repairs needed in the past, cost of parts and upkeep, etc. If it's time to replace your freezer, ask us about a preventative maintenance schedule to keep your new freezer running for years to come.

Your freezer's health is integral to your business's success. Take care of it with our help.