Commercial Mixer Repair

When issues develop with your commercial mixer, you need repair service immediately. Waiting too long can cause your business more than repair costs, due to slowed production or heavier damages. Get repairs quickly and professionally by contacting an expert at commercial mixer repair. Though we can repair any commercial mixer problem, some of the major issues are:

  • Mixer isn't starting. A mixer that won't start could be a sign of electrical issues, mainly a defective motor fuse or a faulty switch.
  • Speeds aren't functioning. When different speeds are failing, typically this is a problem with the speed control.
  • Beaters aren't turning. If you can hear the mixer humming but beaters do not spin, the motor may be faulty and in need of replacement.
  • Excessive vibration. Usually, this vibration comes from damaged or old beater shafts that need replacing. Broken gears could also be at fault.

Why choose us?

There is good reason why the U.S. Department of Labor considers commercial mixers to be potentially dangerous and allows only employees over 18 years old to operate the machinery. Being bigger and stronger, these mixers require more care for safety and details than their residential equivalents.

When a professional is repairing your commercial mixer, you know someone knowledgeable in the industry will assess the issue and come to a solution promptly. Professional maintenance keeps your mixers in the best shape so they can make you money day after day. Many under-qualified technicians may use cheap or low-quality replacement parts, resulting in a voided warranty or impending need for repairs. Let your commercial mixer last longer and work efficiently by employing a professional's services.