Deep Fryer Repair

We know how important a deep fryer is to your business. The deep fryer may not be an industrial kitchens' sexiest tool, but it is a major component in running a restaurant, food truck or catering business. Without a deep fryer, there won't be any chicken fingers or fries for picky little ones and unhappy children makes for irritated parents. Annoyed parents don't spend as much time or money at your establishment either, so it is crucial your deep fryer is well-maintained and repaired as soon as you realize you have a problem.

Deep fryers are an expensive piece of equipment, that can be dangerous to your restaurant, employees and guests. Do not attempt to fix a commercial deep fryer without proper training. Doing so may further damage the unit, skyrocketing the need for repairs or even a possible replacement.

A frequent issue with deep dryers is that they struggle to keep their pilot light lit. Another common problem is with the thermostat intermittently refusing to shut off. A faulty thermostat will overheat the oil and can damage your deep fryer. The good repair of your fryer is vital to the safety of the restaurant and is also important to the quality of products cooked with the deep fryer. We are experts in repairing and maintaining commercial deep fryers and a myriad of major kitchen appliances. Give us a call and we will help you concoct your masterpiece dishes by repairing and maintaining any commercial or major domestic appliances.

Our team of specialists offers quick service for deep fryer repair and other kitchen appliances. We will have you safely frying your favorite dishes before the dinner rush.