Steam Table Repair

Maintaining your equipment - steam tables included - when working in the food industry is crucial to providing customers with a high quality and dependable business. It is imperative for food quality, the prevention of fire hazards and energy conservation.

There are a number of things you can do to help maintain your steam tables and to help avoid future mishaps. At the end of the day, turn off the thermostat and allow the unit to cool. Then drain the water and clean it with a mild detergent; be careful to scrub with the grain and not in a circular motion.

Weekly cleaning should be used with a de-scaling agent approved for use on stainless steel. Rinse well, afterward. Do not let water remain in the well for long periods of time and never turn the unit on without water in the well.

If certain parts keep burning out, you may need to refill your wells more frequently or replace older pans.

If you are having problems with your steam table, it is likely that you are facing one of two problems: the steam table will not maintain the proper temperature or the heating elements keep burning out. If you have temperature problems, this could indicate a faulty heating sensor or element.

Should a problem come to fruition, we can fix stationary steam tables - commonly used by restaurants, cafeterias and buffets - as well as portable steam tables, used by caterers and food trucks.